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Welcome to Western Ireland, our new Paradise Possible!

Welcome to Western Ireland, our new Paradise Possible!


In our search for undiscovered regions around the world that offer outstanding quality of life, affordable cost of living, and opportunities for sustainable growth, we have stumbled upon this truly magical place at Europe's most westerly edge.

Western Ireland has plenty to offer in every sector and for every interest, not only as a travel destination but also as somewhere to reinvent one's life.

Nature, Culture, Society and their mutual interaction are the essential elements that contribute to the establishment of true quality of life.  They are also a key element in our search for possible paradises. Western Ireland scores high in each of them.

On our first visit to the region we were struck by the untamed beauty of its nature; fascinated by the richness of its culture, history, arts, traditions and myths; and were charmed by the warmth, friendliness and hospitality of its people, their community spirit and pride in their heritage.

But it's especially the almost magical combination and perfect harmony that exists between nature, culture and society that makes Western Ireland a unique place and a true Paradise Possible.

It's the relationship between the land and the people that defines its past, its culture and traditions. At the same time, the interaction between man and nature makes Western Ireland a land of opportunities for the future. Nature will be harnessed to capture the wind and the waves of the ocean and transform them into renewable energy. 

With renewable energy technology, Western Ireland can become a new frontier for Europe and the world.  The open and hospitable environment that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of new talents will attract talent and resources from around the world, reversing Western Ireland's history of migration.  The future is no longer across the ocean, but right here on the extreme west of Europe.

It will be our goal and commitment to help turn this dream into reality and to contribute to Western Ireland's growth and transformation, bringing visitors, investors, new talents and new citizens to this Paradise Possible.

Reinvent your life in Western Ireland and live the dream!

Giuliano Gnagnatti
Co-Founder and CEO
Paradise Possible